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Liebigstrasse 21a - Synagogue and Cultural Center

Liebigstrasse 21a - Our new house
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Since the beginning of 2003, the Jewish community of Marburg has had a new home in the former AOK building in Liebigstrasse, which was bought with the generous help of the municipality of Marburg. We urgently needed larger rooms because the community center in Pilgrimstein was too small to accommodate the increasing numbers of members who have joined us in recent years.

So, today we have sufficient space in the synagogue and cultural center for our rich community life and many events. After all, Judaism is not only a religion but also one of the oldest cultures in the world. As a setting for dialog, the new community center will contribute to increased knowledge about this.

Today we can also offer an elevator for the elderly and handycapped.

If you like to support our community, we would be happy to receive any support you may be able to offer!
Please send your donation to the bank account no. 49140 at the Sparkasse Marburg-Biedenkopf, IBAN: DE22 5335 0000 0000 0491 40, SWIFT-BIC.: HELADEF1MAR.
Thank you very much!
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