Gesellschaft für Christlich-Jüdische Zusammenarbeit Marburg e.V.
email: GCJZ-Marburg@web.de
Tel and Fax:
Address: Pilgrimstein 25, D - 35037 Marburg/Lahn

The Association for Christian-Jewish Cooperation in Marburg was founded in Marburg more than forty years ago, and has the following goals:
Remaining responsibility
in the face of the extermination of jewish life by Germans during the Holocaust.
The Association for Christian-Jewish Cooperation stands up for
understanding and cooperation between Christians and Jews with mutual respect of all differences, remenbering the roots of Judaism and Christianity, reflection of the theologically founded and historically spread antisemitism, preservation of the remaining manifold evidences of jewish history, respect of ethnical minorities, solidarity with the State of Israel as a jewish home.
Therefore are decidedly against
all forms of antisemitism: religious antijudaism, rassistic and political antisemitism, right-wing extremism and its disrespect of human beings, discrimination of individuals and groups for religious, ideological, political, social and ethnic reasons, intolerance and fanatism. The Associations for Christian-Jewish Cooperation
are open for everybody who stands for these targets.


Arbeitskreis Landsynagoge Roth e.V.
web: www.landsynagoge-roth.de
eMail: info@landsynagoge-roth.de
Tel: +49-6426-1237
Address: Lahnstraße 27 (Roth), D - 35096 Weimar/Lahn

The 'working committee countryside synagogue Roth e.V.' was founded on January 27th 1996, the memorial day for the victims of the nationalsocialism at the day of the liberation of Auschwitz, in Weimar, district Roth. The working committee stands up for the preservation of the former synagogue in Weimar, district Roth, and its use as a memorial for the victims of the Holocaust in the district Marburg-Biedenkopf, a place of learning for pupils, students and everybody who is interested and a place of cultural meeting.

Förderkreis "Synagoge in Vöhl" e.V.
web: www.synagoge-voehl.de
email: kuwijulius@aol.com
Tel: +49-5635-336

The development association „Synagogue in Vöhl“ e.V. was founded on November 9th 1999. Its target is: the preservation and restoration of the former synagogue in Vöhl; the erection of a museum, which documents the christian-jewish companionship in the history of Vöhl, memorizes former jewish citizens and offers access to jewish culture, religion and tradition.

Kulturamt der Universitätsstadt Marburg
web: www.marburg.de
email: kultur@marburg-stadt.de
Tel: +49-6421-201-329

The cultural office of Marburg supports cultural and educational work of the Jewish Community.

Philipps-Universität Marburg
web: www.uni-marburg.de
email: info@uni-marburg.de
Tel: +49-6421-282-0

Cultural and educational projects have been realized in cooperation with the Philipps-University in Marburg.

Volkshochschule Marburg
web: www.vhs-marburg.de
email: vhs@marburg-stadt.de
Tel: +40-6421-201-246

In cooperation with the adult education center the Jewish Community offers already for several years educational travels to Israel. Also lectures about Judaism, Israel and the Middle East as well as hebrew lessons took place.

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